A good network is the key to success

Legal translators, business interpreters and language
professionals specialising in culture and society – reliable partners for effective communication in another language. 


International communication and international networking are intrinsically linked. To reach audiences around the world, I work with a network of experienced colleagues and partners from various target markets, many of whom I have been collaborating with for years. Our close, personal relationships help projects to run smoothly, while guaranteeing maximum continuity.


Machine translation systems are already having an impact on the language industry and are expected to play an increasingly important role in the years to come, especially in technical translations. As a “human” translator, I focus on texts where it is vital to be able to read between the lines. Since I only accept work in languages I can speak myself, I am able to personally oversee all projects from the quoting stage to any necessary follow-up work. By communicating directly with all my clients and colleagues, I ensure that no valuable information becomes lost along the way – all with the aim of achieving pinpoint precision and facilitating close collaboration every step of the way.


For quality assurance purposes, I use the latest translation tools, work with native speakers and arrange to have all projects revised by a second translator as standard. But what if a project is urgent, has a tight budget or – as is the case with contracts – every last comma counts? What requirements must be met for interpreters to perform well even at the end of a long day of meetings? Where can savings be made and when is it vital not to compromise on quality? I understand that no two projects are the same and by talking directly with my clients, I can work with them to identify the objectives of every project and find ideal, tailored solutions for achieving the desired results. The more open the discussion, the better the outcome.