Effective communication.
With nothing lost in translation.

Online, at negotiating tables and in conference halls –
in English, German, Italian and French. 
As part of an international network of expert linguists,
I provide interpreting and translation services in my mother tongue,
German, as well as in English, Italian and French.



A strong team and good management are key to a project’s success. Besides having years of project management experience under my belt, I have built up an international network of translators and interpreters with a variety of mother tongues. This means I am well placed to organise teams and technical equipment professionally and reliably. 


Bringing together people who speak different languages at exhibitions, conferences or other international events usually involves significant time and cost. Enlisting the support of professional interpreters helps avoid any breakdowns in communication on the day – and plays a key role in ensuring that the journey, not to mention all the preparations, are worth it.


Unlike interpreting, which calls for split-second decisions, translation gives linguists time to polish their work and revise it with a fine-tooth comb. However, excellent writing skills alone are not enough, as precise translations that correctly convey the original message demand a thorough understanding of the content being translated. The overriding objective is to produce a clearly written text that flows naturally.